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Please fill out this short questionnaire so that we can get to know you
With whom do you like to start the therapy?
How old is your child?
What is parents’ relationship status?
What is your employment status?
Who does your child live with?
How is your communication within the family?
Has your child been in therapy before?
What reasons brought you to therapy?
How would you like to talk with your therapist?
Do you have any preference for your therapist?
How did you hear about World Therapy Center?
Where do you live?
What is your time zone ?
Do you want to specify your religion?
In which language do you prefer your therapy?

The questions about culture, religion and gender in this form are asked so that you can continue your counseling process in the most efficient way and so that the algorithm can match you with the therapists in the best way. All information remains confidential.


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