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My company loves me, I love my company very much

Global research company Gallup, in a report covering 96 countries from every region of the world and measuring the situation of employees in their workplaces, clearly shows that the motivation, belonging and stress levels of employees have reached all-time highs.

Two thirds of employees in Turkey are stressed, about half are unhappy and angry. The fact that these rates are double the global averages raises serious alarms about peace in the workplace. In Turkey, 66 percent of employees stated that they are under intense stress during the day. While 2 out of 3 employees in Turkey said that they were under severe stress, employees in Turkey ranked first in the world with this rate.

So, what to do?

  • Making every employee feel valued,
  • Showing that we are thinking of the employees and their families,

  • Strengthening individual- communication- solution skills within the team and the company but a special project that will not disturb the financial balance for the company, MY COMPANY LOVES ME, I LOVE MY COMPANY Project.

We can do all our work face-to-face and/or online on our own platform.

I  Love   my  Job,    My   Company  Loves   Me

You can buy one or both packages of your choice.

I.IC (Individual Consulting): 

II.WTTP (Working Talent, Top Performance):  

I. IC (Individual Consulting): 

1 session per month, total 12 counselling sessions per year for self, spouse, and children

The content of the sessions is very rich!

Happy employees work efficiently.


  • Family& Couple Counselling.
  • Child & Adolescent Counselling

  • Career Counseling

  • Personal Development CounselingImage result for man icon pngImage result for woman icon pngRelated imageHipnoz ile Sigara Bırakma

  • Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis
  • How to Lose Weight with a Healthy Diet
  • When there is illness or loss in my family
  • When I have my own fears or delusions.
  • When I have trouble solving problems.
  • To make the right decision
  • To cope with stress

  • To quit smoking and lose weight healthily.

  • For my personal development trainings

II. WTTP (Working Talent, Top Performance):

Your company, your career concept studies


  • Meetings with HR and managers: Identifying trainings and consultancy needs related to your organization.

  • Preparation and implementation of role-playing focused psychodrama style meeting modules to be held with managers specific to you organization in line with the identified need.


The modules we have developed below for increasing the sense of belonging, increasing the working performance, and organizing the relations with colleagues correctly are integrated into the work in line with the needs.