“Share Happiness”

On the ’Share Happiness’ platform, you can receive corporate and individual support and also help people in need.

Would you like to gift therapy to families and individuals referred by associations and official institutions?

As World Therapy Center, we are happy to cooperate with ADED (Family Counseling Education Therapy Association) to provide free therapy and counseling to people in need of therapy in Turkey, Europe, and Middle East. We are happy to contact disadvantaged people shared with us by the NGOs of the countries and provide them with individual, family and couple therapies to overcome their traumas.

So how does it work?

You can participate in this project in two ways.

I want to support disadvantaged people referred by NGO’s and organizations.

I want to give sessions as a gift to people around me. (You can use it for special occasions such as Christmas, special days, birthday, wedding gift, career)

I want to support disadvantaged people referred by NGOs and organizations.

We communicate with the civil society organizations of the countries through official means or through you (NGOs, governorships, municipalities, social services, foundations…) Our priority is girls and boys, woman and other individuals experiencing physical and mental victimization. Orphans, orphaned children, and individuals experiencing harassment and abuse, people and families who are victims of migration, war, torture, people in the process of mourning. After identifying the people who need therapy and counselling, we match them with our most appropriate therapists and followed the process and share with you the differences experienced in return for your support.

How the project works step by step

Identification of disadvantaged families/ persons

Contacting the identified family/persons

Matching them with therapists appropriate to their current or chronic problems

How will those who want to participate in the social responsibility project be informed?

Approved the information about when, what time and how many stations the paired therapists have had with disadvantaged families/persons will be sent to your e-mail address. Personal information of the client remains confidential in our organization and will be shared with you if the client’s consent and permission is obtained.

How will the declaration be made to the disadvantaged family(s) receiving therapy/counseling?

If the sponsor wishes to remain anonymous, a written and verbal disclosure to the therapy/counseling client prior to the session: “…… your session is covered by the person/ institution.” After each session, the client gives a written declaration that he/she has received the session.

Tracking all of documentation of the online and/or face to face session.

Completion of the sessions. If it is received from institutions and organizations, sharing the situations relating to the contributions of the sessions and the process to be followed with the institutions, without prejudice to the client’s privacy.

After the session, a notification e-mail is sent to the people who provided support.

Objective: To enable people to participate in life and production by ensuring that they come out of the difficult processes they go through in a healthy way.

Who can support this social responsibility project?

Everyone can participate in proportion to their budget.

So how can I participate?

First, you become a member of our system and then click on the send gift session link. Below: “I want to participate in the happy to make happy project” When you want to participate in the happy to make happy project, we, as an institution, offer you a 20% discount on the organization of this project and plus session fees.

I want to gift sessions to people around me

You can choose sessions gifts as birthday gifts, marriage gifts, school success gifts, gifts for loved ones who have just started a new job or have a career goal, or if you think that your socioeconomic status cannot afford therapy then counseling regularly, you can choose these gift packages.

If you think that the people around you can be happier with therapy and counseling (individual, marriage& couple, child, adolescent, or personal development), you can send their sessions as a gift. We will forward this gift package to those people for you, either with your name or anonymously, with a beautiful gift image for you as email/SMS.

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