Frequently Asked Questions

What is World Therapy Center?
So, let’s explain it briefly… Our institution, which has been providing face-to-face therapy, counselling services and trainings for many years, has aimed to establish an online platform based on the belief that everyone has the right to receive therapy and counseling in their mother tongue anywhere in the world. As World Therapy Center, we continue to provide psychological counselling services with therapists who provide therapy in Turkish, English, German, Arabic and Russian.
What is Online Therapy?
It is a counseling model where you are not a guest of the therapist, but the therapist is a guest of your computer/ phone/ tablet. Online therapy is a type of therapy in which the person who will receive psychological support form a computer, phone or tablet can meet with the therapist by protecting the confidentiality of the client as reflected by ethical rules. It is a service that you can access from anywhere in the world where you are connected to the internet.
Which Therapists are at World Therapy Center?
Our priority is to provide a service that is reliable, loyal to the principle of confidentiality and complies with all ethical principles in the field of psychology. During the recruitment process, the academic processes of the therapists were examined in a simple and transparent manner, including their school, department, master’s, and doctorate degrees. In the “about” section of the therapists, we share with you the school they studied in, the education they received and their fields of study in a descriptive way. The accuracy of the information is proven by our counseling center. World Therapy Center’s team consists of psychologists, expert psychologists, social workers, family counselors, graduates of clinical psychology or couple and family therapy, experienced in their field, psychologists who have completed or are continuing their supervision process. As World Therapy Center, we provide support in the fields of Individual, Couple and Family, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy.
How can I Take Part in the World Therapy Center as a Licensed Psychologist?
We look forward to welcoming you! You can apply by clicking on the academy/job link. You can write to for your questions and support.
What Should I Pay Attention to During the Online Therapy Process?
In the online session process, there are some situations that need to be considered for the therapy to progress effectively. These are entering the sessions in a place where the client can comfortably explain himself/herself, protecting the privacy of the person in the online process as in face-to-face sessions, and the client’s ability to transfer comfortably and without hesitation. Before entering the online session, the audio and video transmission of the device and the internet connection should be checked.
I Have a Child Under 18, Can I Apply on His/her Behalf? I am Under 18 Can I Apply on My Own?
Individuals under 18 years of age can not apply by themselves, the system does not accept applications from individuals under 18 years of age. As World Therapy Center, we provide therapy to people between the ages of 13-18, but to receive therapy, the caregiver adult must apply.
Are Online Sessions Recorded?
Never! No conversation is recorded during the therapy process. All your conversations are protected within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law. We do not have such a policy to protect the rights of both clients and therapists.
How Do We Protect the Privacy of Personal Information and Confidentiality of Conversations?
All information you give us is protected by encryption and is not shared with others under any circumstances. Your payments are made securely with ……. infrastructure.
How Effective Are Online Sessions? Do They Give Immediate Results?
It has been scientifically proven that online therapy processes, as well as face-to-face therapy, bring positive progress to people’s psychological support process. As with any therapy process, for therapy to yield result, the client needs to attend sessions regularly, maintain motivation to change and trust the therapist.
In Which Situations Should You Not Choose Online Therapy?
If the person has suicide attempts or thoughts, wishes or thoughts of harming others, it is not recommended that you prefer online therapy in emergency crisis processes. In these circumstances, it would be healthiest way for you and your environment to apply to the nearest health institution where you live.
Where Can I Connect to Sessions?
You can connect to the sessions from anywhere you can talk comfortably from your computer, phone or tablet connected to the internet. Depending on your preference, you can also conduct your sessions via video, audio, or text.
What Are the Working Hours? Can I Receive Therapy at Any Time I Want?
Of course. Working hours vary according to the time zone and availability of the country where the therapist lives. Before booking a session, you can check the working hours on the therapist’s profile ad choose the one that suits you.
Do I Need to Download an Application for Online Sessions?
However, you prefer. You can attend your sessions on our website or by downloading our mobile application from App Store, Google Play, App Gallery.
Can I Register Under a Different Name Without Giving My Contact Information?
Absolutely! After entering your information such as e-mail address and phone number, which are the necessary information when creating a profile in the system, you can participate in sessions anonymously by setting a nickname for yourself if you wish. Your information in the system is confidential.
How Can I Apply for Financial Support to Receive Sessions?
As we believe in everyone’s right to receive therapy, you can get detailed information from here. (link)
Can I Text with My Therapist?
It is also possible to exchange messages with our therapists. If the session package your paid for includes messaging, you can also continue your sessions by messaging.
Why Is It Necessary for Me to Complete the Questionnaire?
Answering all the questions in the questionnaire correctly plays an important role in helping us to recommend the therapist who your match for the therapy process will be, the therapist who works with your current affect and symptoms.
I Filled Out the Questionnaire. When and How Will I Contact My Therapist?
Based on your answers to the questions in the questionnaire, you will be matched with the most suitable therapist for you. You can reach your therapist by registering and logging in from World Therapy Center application or You can find our mobile application in App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery.
I Have Been Matched with My Therapist, How Do I Start the Session?
After logging in to your profile, you need to request an initial consultation from your therapist. After your request for initial consultation, you can message your therapist with the date and time that is convenient for you, or you can choose one of the suggested dates that appear on the page. Your therapist will get back to you as quickly as possible. Initial consultations are limited to video calls and 30 minutes.
I Have Completed the Initial Consultation, What Should I Do Next? How Will I Organize My Session Process?
If you want to continue the session process with the therapist that you are matched with, you can book your therapy session for the following week by clicking on the time slot suitable for you on your therapist’s page.
I Have Completed the Initial Consultation, but I Don’t What to Continue with My Therapist/ I Want to Change, What Should I Do?
If you don’t want to continue with your therapist for any reason after your initial consultation, you can request a free initial consultation again by choosing one of other therapists recommended to you according to the results of the questionnaire you answered.
How Can I Cancel My Appointment?
You have the right to cancel 24 hours before your session. Your profile page contains the necessary steps for cancelling an appointment. You can get detailed information from here.
What Should I Do If the Internet Goes Down?
If you are connected from a computer, you can connect via application on your tablet or your phone. You can send a message to your therapist about the situation. You can check your internet and try to connect again.
How Can I Pay for the Session?
You can get detailed information from here.
How Can I Get in Touch with World Therapy Center?
For any questions or assistance, you can contact us at or via support line in the application.