Why Should I Start Therapy?

Why Should I Start Therapy?

The reasons for starting therapy can depend on many different situations. First of all, therapy can be a way of support and resolution for someone experiencing psychological distress or emotional difficulties. For example, people with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder may seek therapy. In addition, difficulties in various areas of life, such as relationship problems, family conflicts, work stress, anxiety disorders, and low self-esteem, can also be motivations for therapy.

How does therapy help to cope with such difficulties?

First of all, therapy relieves the emotional burden. Talking to a therapist, expressing and understanding feelings can help a person to regain inner balance. In addition, therapy can offer different perspectives, helping the individual to review their thoughts and behaviors and make positive changes. Therapists also support learning and development processes, increase self-confidence and strengthen problem-solving skills. Therapy can also help people discover their potential and build healthier relationships.

Things to consider during the therapy process:

  • Establishing a trusting therapist-client relationship.
  • Open and honest communication, expression of real feelings.
  • Compliance with the therapist's recommendations, regular attendance and homework.
  • Regular attendance at sessions during the therapy process.

Therapy is an effective way of support and resolution for dealing with psychological and emotional difficulties. Working with the right therapist, being open and honest, attending regularly and following the therapist's recommendations can increase the effectiveness of the therapy process. Therapy can help a person achieve inner balance, build healthy relationships and improve quality of life.

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