What is love, what is the quest?

What is love, what is the quest?

Sometimes we forget who we are and why we came into this world. We all have very different existential reasons. Life is a much bigger universe. Work is a planet in that universe. Love is an energy that allows you to enjoy life from the very beginning of your existence, to spend your divine and worldly pleasures with passion. Why do we admire the universe after death even though we don't see it, even though we don't know it? Why do we see the good, the beautiful, the abundance, the justice, the happiness as worthy of that universe, and yet we live in this universe in the opposite, in a restless way? Won't we be the ones resurrected after death? If there is life after death and it is always surrounded by pleasures, won't there be contradictions, comparisons, inadequacies, and more? Because if that universe mostly responds to our emotions, where will we find love?

If you choose a partner by looking for love, you will merge by attributing a lot of meaning to an object you don't recognize in infinity. Because you have a great chance of spending a lifetime comparing the love you have not seen to something. If you are lucky, you will be happy with the definitions you encounter as "love" without understanding and feeling the moments you are happy. If you are unlucky, you resent love. You roar at your partners without even understanding what you resent, but you bill yourself for life and condemn yourself to loneliness. Let's say you resent love, your motivation may decrease and you may not enjoy life, you may become an insatiable employee or on the contrary, you may spend a lifetime unhappy in eternity. As you take revenge on love, you don't even realize that you are actually ending your life.

If you look for love in your partner, what you will find is your hunger from your past. Your partner, unfortunately, cannot understand this, and even if he/she does, he/she cannot put something original from himself/herself because he/she mostly has to wear a mask in order not to lose you. Because he sees you in the mirror of what he loves as love. In order not to lose you, in order not to lock himself in a dungeon of insecurity, he will pretend to be someone he is not. It is difficult to pretend to be someone you are not. One day the mask falls off, a lifetime passes, and what remains is a big disappointment.

If you search for yourself, what you will find is the self you have pushed away and suppressed. Only the brave can face it. The key to the future is hidden in the footprints of the past. Will you be able to touch your tiny-footed self with your growing feet? If you say what will happen if you touch it, you will replay a scene with different actors, which is 10, maybe 100 repetitions of what you are doing right now. If you touch it, you will cry, you will long, you will object, you will even get angry with yourself, but you will get to know yourself by realizing all these feelings. You will recognize the villages, roads, darkness, sun, rain of your self. What will this bring you? Since you will understand what you need, what you desire, where you are naked, you will understand much better which partner, which job will be good for you, since you will know how to exist as a whole and the paths and houses of your self. In other words, you will not be the moth circling around the candle in eternity, you will be able to call the light with your own light. So maybe you will see zero (0), but then you will grow not physically but mentally, in love. That's why they say a look, a sound, a behavior is enough for love. It is always the self behind an association. That self is often the very childhood that you have postponed.

Who hasn't defined love? Every philosopher has defined love in line with the pleasures they have experienced or not experienced. None of them could be whole in love. The best touched love. Is love so sacred? Not at all. What is sacred is perhaps the human being. I mean our infancy and childhood. Anyway, don't we look for the innocence, purity, simplicity, energy, goofiness, sweetness of those babies and children in love?

Plato conceptualizes love as love for the soul and love of wisdom. Aristotle tries to define love through friendship. He says that to be and remain friends is perhaps the truth of love. Schopenhauer tries to match the species in order to preserve the "ideal" human type. But human beings, he says, will not find the ideal despite trying a million times over thousands of years and will always continue to be in search. Spinoza sees it as a savior. He defines it as having it, loving what I see in it and being loved unconditionally. Sigmund Freud defines love as filling the emptiness and search created by separation from the mother with instant gratification.  Socrates asks. What does love want? Beauty or goodness? If love wants beauty and goodness, doesn't it mean what is not in itself or what is lacking? What is lacking in beauty and goodness; well, is it a good thing for human beings or does it make them happy?

Is it important to be grateful? Making peace with what we have and living with it, not wanting more, completing life by always reminding ourselves of what we don't have or negative examples may be skillful, but is this the definition of loving and being loved? Is loving spiritual or does it require physical pleasure? Even in the most divine love, don't we believe more and make ourselves happy by praying, chanting his name, dreaming of the world he promises, worshipping holy places and conversing with similar believers? How then do we define earthly love?

Is it a sin or a crime to want more, more beautiful, better, more pleasurable and not know where to stop? Which stop will make us happier. Will wandering like a bee from body to body, from soul to soul, from heart to heart, as if taking revenge on our childhood, make us happy, bring us to love?  Well, why don't we perceive that the bee's wandering from flower to flower is part of the bee's duty and responsibility arising from its genetic structure rather than the beauty of the flower? If the bee were given the chance to choose, what would it do, where would it stop and would it always collect pollen? If we have a will, how do we organize this will? We humans forget that it is the integration of pleasure and the ideal.

Don't ask what love is and throw it out of the self. Love is very close to your desires and your ego.

Love is actually perhaps a search for oneself or an effort to be happy with what one has when one is tired and clinging to a person. Then aren't we actually the ones who create happiness in all circumstances?

Are you one of those who transform happiness into love or are you one of those travelers who define love as happiness and seek it? Or do you think there is a third way, touching yourself?

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