What is complete and what is incomplete?

What is complete and what is incomplete?

How instructive is the relationship of 1 and 0.

1 is happy because it is (one), 1 is complete. It knows that it is complete, it knows that whoever comes near it will multiply and grow. It is a bit rigid, it likes to be guided by itself rather than being like what exists. It is dominant. It does not know the pleasure of growing together.  It thinks it grows because it is itself. It plays a thousand and one games to endear itself to the numbers that come to it and makes them love itself and join it.  As different numbers join the number 1 (one), 1 grows with different names. 1 becomes 10, 100, 1000. He rules them like a commander. He advises the numbers around him that without him, they will all be worthless.  Just like a guide, father and divine power.  Those next to the number 1 focus on the whole and strive for 1 to grow bigger and not let them go. 1 is more selfish. It quickly forgets and makes us forget that what makes the number one great is actually the faithfulness of the numbers next to 1. Thus, while all the numbers forget that it is thanks to them that it grows, it continues to grow. Until the numbers next to it realize this and abandon it.

0 is complete, total. It focuses neither before nor after, and it destroys itself and integrates with the number that comes next to it. It is actually more powerful than all numbers. It magnifies whatever number it comes next to ten times, a hundred times and a million times. It is not proud as it grows. It enjoys growing together.  Being zero is beautiful. Zero has no concrete color, but when combined it can be the coldest and the hottest. It can be rich or poor.  It is victory or defeat. It is existence or non-existence. So it is the sapphire of the pure. It is simple. Any number that conflicts with it makes it 0 (Zero). It shines the one that integrates with it. Zero is rebellion. It has nothing to lose. You can build everything on it. Whatever you build, the ground is solid, it holds it and does not let go. As you move away from zero, it allows you to take your own color, but when you forget the value of zero, you pull yourself back and you are left as whatever number you are. Zero is the silent scream, sometimes the cold that hits us in the face when we are wronged in front of those we love the most or when we just want love, it is the warmth of the magma we create inside us against material values.

What is complete and what is incomplete?  If 1 is complete, isn't 10 more complete? If 1 is incomplete, what is zero. If "complete" is not a tangible material entity, what are we happy or unhappy about being complete or incomplete? Why do we empathize with someone else's incompleteness and draw lessons for ourselves? What does it mean to be complete? How to be complete?  Is love a quest to be complete, then shouldn't we accept that we are incomplete? If we are incomplete, do we know what we lack? If we all want love, trust, pleasure, why can't we give it to each other? If we all want something that we don't have, how can we give what we don't have or what is not enough? If we are all looking for the apple, isn't the apple what we all lack? So why does each one of us say that he or she has the apple so as not to miss the other partner? Then isn't the root of what is sought and what is found, what is thought to be found, the same? Is love an energy that both satisfies our desire to be loved and warms the other person?

Are you 1 or 0?

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