Recognizing our own worth (Self-love)

Recognizing our own worth (Self-love)

Recognizing and claiming one's own intrinsic value is an important psychological process called self-love. This process involves understanding one's relationship with oneself, discovering one's inner strengths and affirming one's own worth. Self-love means accepting oneself, being at peace with oneself and feeling worthy. This concept is considered a fundamental element for happiness, health and success in one's life.

The process of realizing one's own intrinsic value usually begins in childhood and continues throughout life. The feedback and attitudes given by family, teachers and the environment during childhood shape an individual's self-confidence. Individuals who grow up in a positive and supportive environment generally have higher levels of self-love, while those who grow up in a negative and critical environment may have lower levels of self-love.

Self-love has a great influence on one's inner speech, beliefs and values. A self-loving individual usually speaks with a positive inner voice, is confident and motivated to achieve their goals. At the same time, he or she can stand on firmer ground against the criticism and expectations of others and protect his or her own values.

The process of recognizing one's own intrinsic value begins with self-recognition and acceptance. In this process, it is important for the individual to discover their strengths, focus on their achievements and trust themselves. At the same time, they may also need to acknowledge their weaknesses and take steps to improve them.

The process of recognizing one's intrinsic value also involves the use of positive inner language. It is important to be kind and understanding towards oneself and to turn one's mistakes into learning opportunities without judgment. In this process, individuals who accept their own failures and mistakes are generally more flexible, open to learning and have a healthy self-worth.

Self-love also plays an important role in one's relationships. A self-loving individual tends to have healthier and more fulfilling relationships because they have less need for love and acceptance from others. Therefore, having self-love can help to lead a more fulfilling life, both in individual and social life.

As a result, the process of recognizing and claiming one's own intrinsic value can be an important turning point in one's life. This process boosts an individual's self-confidence, increases their happiness and satisfaction, and helps them build healthier relationships. Therefore, it is important for each individual to invest in the process of recognizing their intrinsic value and to be understanding of themselves.

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