• Customized Massage

      The customized aromatherapy massage is an integration of Swedish massage (lighter pressure gliding technique) and deep tissue massage (deeper pressure kneading technique). During this service hot towels are wrapped around the feet, a heated neck pillow is placed behind the neck, and a soothing lavender pillow is applied to the eyes.




    • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

      Lymphatic drainage massage promotes lymph flow in the direction which lymphatic fluid naturally circulates. Long continuous gentle gliding strokes help to push and expel trapped lymph fluid. The benefits include increased circulation, decreased inflammation, strengthen immunity, and detoxification.




    • Hot Stone Integration Massage

      The hot stone massage is an upgrade of our customized massage. Soothing heated stones are used to massage then placed on the first four Chakra’s, shoulders, back, and between the toes. Hot stone massage increases increase stimulation and circulation.




    • Refresh Facial

      The refresh facial is a 30-minute facial involving a purifying cleanser application, followed by a gentle facial scrub, then finalized with a hydrating moisturizer seal, massage and SPF application.


    • Customized Deluxe Facial

      The customized deluxe facial is a 60-minute European Style Facial which starts with a skin evaluation. Then a purifying cleanser application, followed by an exfoliation, topped with a plumping mask set with a oxygen steam blast; then finalized by an AHA Toner and a hydrating moisturizer seal, and a sunscreen. A neck and shoulder massage closes the service.

      Facial Peels

      Our customized peels are a 45-minute enzyme or chemical peel based upon skin care needs. This service includes cleanse, peel, hydrating serum, and SPF.


      Microdermabrasion is a re-texturizing treatment that regenerates epidermal cell structure by increasing elasticity and collagen while prepping the skin to absorb vitamins and antioxidants. It is great for all skin types and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, brown spots, and age spots.


      A microcurrent machine that trains the facial muscles to lift upwards to sculpt, lift and tone the facial muscles while enhancing collagen and elastin production. Targeting frown lines and Crow’s Feet. Our 60-minute microcurrent facial includes a cleanse, exfoliation, moisturizer and serum with SPF.

      LED Light Therapy

      LED therapy reverses the appearance of aging skin, enlarged pores and crow’s feet with a light wave that penetrates far beneath the surface of our skin without causing any damage. It also pulls collagen to the surface to fill-in lines and wrinkles.

      60min Customized Deluxe Facial$85.00

      45min Facial Peel$70.00

      Peel Add-on w/ Deluxe Facial$125.00



      Microcurrent Add-on w/ Deluxe Facial$145.00

      LED Light Therapy$20.00 add-on to facial

    • Waxing

      Brow, Lip, Face$10.00

      Half Arm / Full Arm$25.00 / $50.00

      Half Leg / Full Leg$35.00 / $70.00

      Bikini / Brazillian$35.00 / $85.00

    • Sugar Scrub

      The sugar scrub is an aromatherapy sugar scrub body exfoliation for removal of dry and flaky skin. Hot towels are used to remove the sugar exfoliation, followed by a light massage with body butter, leaving the skin soft and silky.


    • Dry Brush Body Polish

      The dry brush body polish is a body exfoliation done with a dry brush to increase lymphatic circulation, to remove dry and flaky skin, and to increase blood flow. A dry brush is used to brush the skin along the pathways of the lymphatic system pushing the toxins throughout, and ending in the major lymph nodes of the body. This is service is finished with an application of body butter.


    • Lipo Cavitation

      Lipo Cavitation produces countless air pockets in and around the fat cells that are then expelled out of the body through urination, bowel movement and sweating. By producing air pockets in fat cells it causes the cellulite to crack; effectively exhausting cellular heat energy and water content, thus allowing the fatty cells to shrink.

      Ultrasonic Cavitation

      4 Sessions$89.00

      8 Sessions$109.00

      10 Sessions$129.00

      Laser Cavitation

      4 Sessions$109.00

      8 Sessions$129.00

      10 Sessions$149.00

      (These rates reflect our current Sales Prices)

    • Medical Massage

      Medical massage is the therapeutic application of specific massage therapy protocols for particular conditions. This requires an evaluation and referral by a physician.

      Price is based upon patients individual insurance plan.

    • Reflexology Massage

      Reflexology massage is designed to relieve tension and treat illnesses by stimulating pressure points on the hands and feet. These points correlate to sections of the entire body, including internal organs. During our reflexology massage, hot stones are used for additional stimulation and warmth; followed by hot aromatherapy towel wraps on the feet. The last 10-minutes of the massage concentrates on the neck and shoulder area for added relaxation and stress relief.


    • Spa Pamper Party

      Here are 5 Reasons why you should have your Spa Pamper Party at World Therapy Center.

      1. Mimosas and Refreshment Trays are served.
      2. Each guest of your party can cater their spa experience to fit their therapeutic needs. (1hr. Massage, 1hr. Facial, or 1/2hr. Massage & 1/2hr. Facial can be substituted at no additional up-charge.
      3. Each guest receives 20% OFF any additional services, and 10% OFF product purchases.
      4. We can accommodate up to 5 services at once.
      5. We close down the spa for your VIP Group ONLY (Must have a minimum of 3-guest for us to close down for your group).

      Spa Pamper Party$65.00 1hr. Massage or Facial per person

    • Holistic Medical Spa Services


      Comprehensive Holistic Wellness Assessment

      Involves reviewing a client’s completed health assessment document; discussing with client the potential root causes contributing to the health disturbance, providing education and empowerment around specific health concerns; developing a personalized holistic treatment plan to optimize your health and well-being, this may include additional functional lab testing, supplements, lifestyle modifications, wellness counseling, and nutritional coaching.

      Customized Clinical Nutritional Consultation

      Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals will supply the body with the necessary nutrients to support the built-in self-repair process.This consultation will provide general education on healthy grocery shopping guidelines, the types of foods to eat, timing of meals, optimal food combinations, and meal portions that are clinically specific to patient’s current disease diagnosis and/or wellness goals.This customized nutritional plan is designed to jump-start the dietary modifications towards improved health optimization.

      Individual Detoxification Consultation

      This involves supporting the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxic waste from the body by reducing/eliminating nutritional insults through modified diet and/or fasting while the body focuses on cleansing.Consultation includes a review of meal plan guidelines for optimal detox results along with step by step instructions to guide patients into, during, beyond their detoxification process, and skin dry brushing.Special considerations will be made for those with complex medical conditions.

      Comprehensive Holistic Wellness Assessment$200.00

      Customized Clinical Nutritional Consultation$150.00

      Individual Detoxification Consultation$115.00